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Will Love Set Them Free?

Three years ago, mission 3B was completed successfully. The world has since found a vaccine against the mutation, but problems are far from over. And it appears mutants aren’t the only threats lurking in the shadows... Raven Renée has worked at the former 3B mission base to drive back the remaining mutant populations. Now, years later, she returns to Barak, a brigadier general. Securing one of the coveted “starred” positions demanded hard work from her—and a lot of forgetting a certain someone she left behind, too. Now that Raven is back, she will see just how well she succeeded—which might not be much at all. Lieutenant General Jordan Locke had a few turbulent years. What began as a beautiful new start to the rest of his life turned on him, and wasn’t meant to be. Although he forced himself to move on, this woman keeps haunting his thoughts, even when she’s not around. But then she’s back, and he realizes nothing has changed. He would follow her anywhere—even back into the shadow plains. But this time, Jordan has more to lose than ever before.

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