Current Reads at the start of 2020 (print, digital & audio)

The ride of a Lifetime

Current reads of January 2020

Hello everyone and welcome in 2020! In this post I’m going to be guiding you along with my current reads – yes – literally ALL of the books that I’m reading as of right now. I know that there are many people who just don’t like reading a lot of books at the same time – and to be honest, I can’t blame you. You’re just shuffling between a lot of stories and you feel like you never finish one in many weeks – and then suddenly you’ve finished 5 in the same day. BUT, here are the books that I’m reading!


The first book I’m reading in print is Kingsbane by Claire Legrand. This is the books I’m most invested in at the moment – and it’s also the book that I’ve almost finished. If you haven’t read Furyborn yet, I highly suggest you try that one! It’s a really unique and addicting story and I’m dreading the moment I finish this book and have to wait for book 3 to come out.

The second book that I’m (still) reading, is King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo. This books has sat on my bedside table for a LONG time now, and please don’t get me wrong, because it has nothing to do with the book and story itself. A lot of books just came between this book and I and I never fully got into the start of the story, because I got invested in others. So, I’m going to read this books after I finish Kingsbane – which will probably be soon.

The third book, which I also almost finished, is Fallen by Lauren Kate. It is my 100000th reread of this book and I still enjoy it – though not as much as I first read it at a way younger age. I read this book whenever I want to read something light and fun and welcoming.

Then, the first non-fiction book that I’m reading is The ride of a Lifetime by Bob Iger. He’s the CEO of The Walt Disney company and a huge inspiration to me, because of that. I love to read about his insights and mindset, it really gets me inspired and motivated for my own business.

The second non-fiction book I’m reading is A mind for Numbers by dr. Barbara Oakley. This book is all about learning concepts for Science and Math heavy subjects. I’m going to be starting school soon (more on that later) and this degree will contain ONLY maths and sciences, so I really want to learn as much about the learning styles as possible.

Currently reading start of 2020
Currently reading start of 2020
Currently reading start of 2020
The ride of a Lifetime
Currently reading start of 2020


The Books that I’m currently reading – besides Kingsbane on and off on my phone – are Dark Harmony by Laura Thalassa (which is almost finished!), which is book #3 in the Bargainer trilogy (which I LOVE, but also a tad bit scared of).

And I’m reading book #3 in the Inheritance Trilogy; The Kingdom of Gods by N.K. Jemisin. I’m reading this on and off, whenever I am in the mood for this. It’s a really different kind of book than I normally read, but I still love the story – eventhough I’m not on the edge of my seat to finish it. It feels more like coming home and arriving in a place that I already know and that can be very comforting from time to time.

Currently reading start of 2020
Currently reading start of 2020


Lastly, I’m listening to War Storm by Victoria Aveyard. Which I go through really slowly. There’s just something about the Red Queen series that leaves me to read them at a way slower pace – and still enjoying them. So, I’m slowly making my way through that book and yeah. That’s it.

Which book(s) are you currently reading?

Lots of Love,


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