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I’m going to quit planning, and I am a planner at heart (type A person), like the most elaborate planner you’ll ever come across. I (can) make/made plannings for literally every single thing in my life. But now I see that if I plan and force things out of myself – It’s like trying to squeeze the juice out of an already empty orange. 

I believe that everything happens as it needs to happen and we’re always on the right path. If you FEEL what you want and have faith in that you’ll get it, only then is your succes inevitable.

Planning literally has become an addiction to me. I LOVE making plannings and color blocking my calendar up to the minutes of my day. And oh no, I don’t do empty spaces! But, as fun as it might be to make a planning, it is not so fun acting them out. The first day it is fun – the premise of a new calendar or planning. But after some time, I feel suffocated by the lack of freedom and spare time, and often feel a slave to my calendar. I have many goals and dreams and really want to do ANYTHING (as far as my own norms allow me to) to get me closer to these things. And my belief always was to make a plan and act on that plan. But I know that sometimes the best way to get things done, is to do nothing (for some time). And especially not make a strict planning you’ll have to follow. Sometimes – well always, you just got to focus and get inspired to do something, instead of forcing it.

So, long story short; I’m trying to sober up in the planning part of my life. I’m literally trying to beat that “addiction”.  I’m going to know what I want, feel what I want and believe that I’ll get what I want – and then I’ll sit back, take action when I feel a nudge/inspiration to take action (as random as that action may feel), and watch my life unfold.


I know that I’m already living my dream life, because I already know I’m going to go and be everything I need to be. It’s not something I’m working TOWARDS – it’s something I ATTRACT. 

For example: Recording one podcast a month with 100% passion and inspiration – will have 100x the impact I try to make, compared to 10 forced episodes recorded because of “consistensy” and with 0%-20% the passion you COULD have. You won’t attract the result you want with you podcast. And you will focus more on the lack of that attraction – instead of being pleased with the podcast episode you just recorded. When you do things out of passion, you don’t feel the need to look at any results. They won’t matter – because the act of DOING feels amazing. And that my friend, is exactly the way to attract the results you want.

Have a mind that is attached to NOTHING, but open to receive ANYTHING.

Dr. Wayne Dyer

The same with my book: If I had it my way (the forced way), I would have published it yesterday. Because I’m just SO excited to get it in my hands. I’m a little impatient, which results in me making a diehard, intense schedule (because my believe is; forcing = getting results fast). Following this schedule I could have my book released in 1 year – yes. I would get the result I want… But do I? I want to have my book in my hands (= instant gratification), yes, but what I want even more is writing the best story it could be and having an audience who enjoys it (= delayed gratification). What it means for me to have my book in my hands is that people will be able to read and enjoy my story (the best story it can be).

Let’s say; I don’t make a plan (because I know what I want), and then I’ll work in my book when I feel inspired to work on it. And really ONLY when I feel inspired to work on it. In an inspired state, the most creative, fun and high-quality juices will be flowing. I will create something out of my highest state – and thus my highest quality.

This might indeed result in it being published 10 years from now instead of 1, but if that book needs 10 years to be ready for publishing – it is meant to be that way. And, when it gets published in 10 years it will have been the right time to publish it and I get quicker to the goals for my books (i.g. becoming a bestseller). Everything is about alignment – and when you do things out of alignment, you are on the right path.

BUT, don’t forget that it might also be published faster, because I feel inspired to write it in a couple of months – for the entirety of those months. You. Don’t. Know. And you should let go of HOW and WHEN you’re going to get to that goal. Let it freaking go (yes, I’m speaking to myself on this one too)!


If you let go & take inspired action, you’ll accomplish your goals in a more amazing way then if you’d force it. You might even get something better than what you wanted in the first place – something you’d never thought possible and 1000 times more aligned with what you want and are in that exact moment in time.

Implementing steps for myself (and you) to follow:

What am I going to try to implement in my life:

  1. Think about what I want and what feels good. I have dreams – and I want my dreams to come true. I KNOW that they’ll come true. Think about these dreams during my days. Focus.
  2. Releasing HOW they’re coming into my life. I need to let go of my timetables and extensive plannings. I’m going to focus on what I want and then: Let it go.
  3. I’m going to be more in the now, by practicing more mindfulness. And as a result of that – feel and see the little nudges that are coming my way in the form of inspiration.
  4. Take action on these nudges (big and small) that feel good – a.k.a. Inspired action. –> this inspired action helps you get closer to accomplishing everything you want. It will give you the right amount of TIME and TIMING to get where you want to go – in the most aligned way for YOU.
  5. Let it happen and release the HOW + WHEN. Focus only on WHAT you want.
  6. Do what feels right – and feels aligned – and sit back and relax, watching my (Dream) life unfold right before my eyes.

Sounds simple right? Let’s see how I’m going to be changing my life around. Letting go of “control” (that you don’t even really have) will be a big deal in my life. But, I’m going to do it for a greater cause.

I’ve said this before: “I’m getting more done when I’m not planning to.” 😉

I’ll update you with my progress!

Lots of Love,


Britt van den Elzen

Hi! I’m Britt and I’m a creative entrepreneur from the Netherlands. The things I love the most in this world are Books, Writing, Personal Development, Spirituality & Traveling. I aspire to be a published author one day – and it would be an absolute dream to become a bestselling one! I long to travel the world all whilst doing what I love (and preferably get paid for it).✨

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