Get to know me (2020 edition)

To read the 2016 edition, go here: (4 years ago).

Year of birth?

How tall are you?
I would still say I’m about 165 cm.

What was the first thing you thought about when you woke up this morning?
The first thing I thought of this morning… I think it was about the book I’m currently reading & read last night. It’s “The Monk who sold his Ferrari”. It’s an amazing story that I’m reading all throughout the day.

Where are you in this moment in time?
I’m sitting on the couch in the living room.

Single or Relationship?
I’m still in a relationship with Ares! 5 Years and counting 🙂

Describe yourself in a few words:
Recovering-perfectionist/controlfreak, creative, ambitious and intelligent.

Pfew, I think for my girl crush; Emilia Clarke. And for my guy crush, pfew, hard one. I always get excited when Kit Harrington is on tv – so I’d pick him. THEM. You get what I mean.

What would you like to have right now?
I would love to have a free week of doing absolutely nothing (mandatory), which will be soon!

What is your goal in life?
Damn, I think it still is having fun and enjoy my life every single day. And I’m not going to lie – because I really work towards that goal with my personal development – but it is hard. Especially in this society + day & age.

What are you afraid of?
As of now, I haven’t been that afraid of moths any more than of generic-society fears. Healthy things to be afraid of, you could say. Although no fear is healthy for you – unless it safes your life.

Do you have your drivers license?
Yes, I did get it!

Nailpolish or Lipstick?
Honestly, I’m in a point in my life where I don’t really care about both. But I’d still pick lipstick – because I’d wear it in the future when the moment asks for it.

What’s your favorite season of the year?
Still spring!

Would you ever get married?
I think so, especially with the right person. I imagine myself wearing BLACK.

Are you a health-freak?
Ive been getting into it a little, as of late. I upgraded my mental and physical health routines and taking care of myself waaaay better. I guess that counts. However, I’d still like to improve on the “working out”-part of my life.

What’s the color of your hair and how long is it?
I’m kind of blonde, but not quite. The length of my hair would be described as medium, I think.

Which clothing/make-up item would you really love to have right now?
Ask me another question! What about; which book would you love to have right now? I’d go for every single YA/NA Fantasy book out there and then some Adult as well. I’m also big on books about personal development/mindset/spirituality, so I’d read those.

Do you have tattoos?
Wow, improved +2 on this one. I’m saving up for a sleeve on my left arm. That’s something I’d really like. Especially when every tattoo means something in and for my life. A sleeve that screams “BRITT”. Currently, I have the outlines of a small five-pointed star and a quote.

Do you have any piercings?
Still a no, except for the tiny holes in my earlobes.

Do you wear glasses?
Not really.

What’s the perfect pizza?
Pizza Margarita. Speaking of: I’m going to eat it for dinner tonight!

Favorite drink/food?
Still everything Italian AND Lipton Ice tea green!

What’s your favorite parfum?
I don’t wear any, anymore.

What’s the last thing you bought?
Oooh, I think my Celine sunglasses. They have been my dream sunglasses for SO long and they went out of production – and now I have them!

What were you doing this morning around 8?
I was eating breakfast I think.

Favorite ice cream?
I think still pistachio and cinnamon. But also menthol (with chocolate).

Ben je een hevige slaper of sta je altijd vroeg op?
In de vakanties kan ik wel uitslapen tot half 11/11 uur. Maar als ik in mijn schoolritme zit niet echt. Dan ben ik meestal wel vroeg wakker.

With how many pillows do you sleep?
There are still 3 in my bed.

Are you a morning or evening person?
Still very much an evening person – I absolutely love reading deep into the night.

Are you organized or messy?
I’m highly organized, but am trying to tone it down a bit. It often gets in the way of enjoying my life.

What would you like to see at the moment?
MULAN. The movie got postponed due to Corona.

What’s your favorite body part?
Still my waist.

Are you shy?
I think people label me as shy when they don’t know me. But I’m not really, I’m just quiet when I don’t know someone, because I literally have nothing to tell them. So I’m not great at small talk.

Do you have an accent?
I think my accent is barely noticeable, but people tell me they can hear that I’m from the south of The Netherlands.

Sisters/brother. What’s their age?
Still a brother (no additions to the family ;)). He’s 20 now!

What does your day-to-day look like?
I think, a generic day for me right now, is something like this (without the 3x meals): I wake up, do my morning practice, start working on school, take breaks for reading and taking a walk, continue working on school until about 5 pm. Then I’d do some work for the manifestation course I’m taking right now, I watch some TV and work on my business. I end the day with gaming (Call of Duty’s Warzone at the moment) with my brother and boyfriend. Then I do my evening practice and go to sleep (after reading).

That’s about it, I think!

Lots of Love,


Britt van den Elzen

Hi! I’m Britt and I’m a creative entrepreneur from the Netherlands. The things I love the most in this world are Books, Writing, Personal Development, Spirituality & Traveling. I aspire to be a published author one day – and it would be an absolute dream to become a bestselling one! I long to travel the world all whilst doing what I love (and preferably get paid for it).✨

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