Manifesting the Celine Audrey sunglasses

Celine Audrey

Celine Audrey Manifestation

Sunglasses might seem very minor to you – and to be honest; they are. But it’s a fun story in my opinion and I wanted to share it! Plus, it’s about the Celine Audrey sunglasses, which is pretty cool.

Many years ago I created a liking for Audrey Hepburn, I have no idea why or how – but I suddenly had this large (IKEA) canvas in my bedroom and loved it ever since. Then, a couple of years ago I watched breakfast at tiffany’s, which had an amazing vibe. When I became really invested and interested in fashion and started a fashion blog, I one day came across these sunglasses which almost all of the bloggers had. When I found out they were the Celine “Audrey” glasses, I fell in love. They are timeless, black, large and called Audrey. A-MA-ZING. Then a few years ago, I put the Celine Audrey’s on my vision board – with the intention of getting them some day.

Celine Audrey
Celine Audrey

Recent events

When you put focus on something in your inner world (through putting it on your vision board and seeing it a lot), your outer world will start reflecting this. So when I think about the Celine Audrey often, I will look for it often as well.

One night not so long ago, I searched for the Audrey online. I think there was a force nudging me there. Due to the fact that I was 100% certain I would get the sunglasses one day, but completely let go of the outcome.

Whilst I started searching, I slowly started to figure out that the sunglasses where not available anymore. They went out of production and only the newer models and spin-offs of the Audrey’s were still on sale. I realized I had to get them another way. I wouldn’t be able to buy them in the future and if I wanted them at a normal price, I would have to get them in the near future. Because these glasses were the type of glasses that would only get more rare and expensive in time (at least, that’s what I presume).

Celine Audrey
Celine Audrey

The glasses

I started looking online – actually my whole family did – and my dad found a pair who needed a second home. That same weekend we went to get them and they were mine! I never would’ve thought that I’d have the sunnies so early in my life – but that’s the thing; When you let go of any time expectations they might show up even faster.

Celine Audrey

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How I did it?

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