Drop the Perfectionism (it kills passion)!

Drop te Perfectionism!

Done is better than Perfect; Drop te Perfectionism!

Done is better than Perfect! This is the quote I try to live by lately, because it makes life so much easier. So, firstly, what is perfectionism in my opinion?

  • When you are doing things in a certain way because it’s perceived as the best way.
  • When you’ve finished a thing/reached a goal, but continue working on improving it because you are not satisfied yet.
  • When you value outsider’s opinions on your life/the thing you do.

Perfectionism kills too many dreams and too many lives. People are scared to do what they want to do, because what they want to do isn’t perceived as something serious. And a lot of people want to be taken seriously. It honestly is such a problem nowadays to want other people’s admiration or to live the “perfect” life.

People are thinking too much about how things might look on a resume or how the things they make might wow other people. But what I also know to be true is that often the hardest critic to please is yourself. And this comes down to self love and accepting that perfectionism is objective and relative. The most important thing when you are living life or creating something is that you enjoy it. The moment you feel like you’ve crossed a certain bridge and you start getting frustrated with whatever you are trying to make “perfect”, that’s the moment you should stop trying! Never push yourself away from the fun and passion. Never.

A super fun thing I am currently working on is a self acceptance bundle for people to let go of any prejudices or stop judging themselves. I think that that is the first step towards living your dreams and most importantly; have fun.

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Drop te Perfectionism!

Lots of Love,


Britt van den Elzen

Hi! I’m Britt and I’m a science student from the Netherlands. The things I love the most in this world are Books, Writing, Personal Development, Spirituality, Traveling & Science. I aspire to be a published author one day – and it would be an absolute dream to become a bestselling one! I long to travel the world all whilst doing what I love (and preferably get paid for it).✨

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