The 2 most helpful (spiritual) tools I have gained to navigate my life – and how you can too

To get these tools you need to know your exact birth date, time & place.

Why I want it all

1. Your North and South Node (Astrology)

North and South node placements; the sign and house placement. I also made a podcast episode about this. Astrology is a vast and broad topic, but the north and south nodes have been the most important and useful things I have learned so far. If you have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about or what “houses” are in astrology (assuming you have heard of the 12 signs), let me explain a little.

In astrology there are 12 “zodiac” signs – birth signs as we call them. Besides the 12 signs, we also have 12 houses. These houses and signs are always spinning around one another and never have the same placement. So this usually differs from people to people. When you get your natal chart, you will need to look up your north node – which is a calculated placement somewhere in your chart. The north node sits inside of a sign, but also inside of a house. The combination of the two give your soul’s + life’s direction/purpose. (If you still don’t really understand, look it up online – there’s a lot of information to be found there. Or go to Dara’s site (mentioned down below) to watch a video of her explaining how to read the chart for your north and south node).

Your “South” node represents where you come from/comfort zone/past lives/natural talents/insitincts/karma. Your “North” node represents where you need to head towards, also called your dharma. This is always the direct opposite from your south node – and thus the opposite of your comfort zone. If you head towards your north node, your soul will gain the most satisfaction and feel the happiest. You won’t have to let go of your south node, you just have to pack the best parts of it in your backpack and start traveling towards your north node with these natural traits and abilities in hand.

But stay inside your south node aka comfort zone will leave your life a bit… boring or frustrating. Probably comfortable for the most part, yes. But there’s no growing to be found in your south node – only stagnant energy. Compare it to a flower that never blossoms.

Get more information

Try to first read into your placements by yourself by doing research online. But if you hate doing that, just head to a great source immediately. I have linked someone down below who is specialized in north and south nodes, but you could also just get a reading done by any astrologer!

The person who has been really helpful (with self-paced videos) is Dara Dubinet. She has videos on all the north node signs (the what + who you need to become), as well as videos on the house placements (where in your life). They are absolutely worth it in my opinion!

2. Your Energy Type (Human Design)

Then, the second best thing, is something Human Design-related; learn (all there is to know) about your energy type. This is also the biggest thing in human design, I think (I’m still new to this as well). There are five types, and it is absolutely fundamental to know your own. My perception on life shifted the moment I learned more about my type. I have been doing things very differently since then. It’s a huge transition from doing things the way you were taught, to switching them to how they fit you best.

You should see your energy type as a source of information on how your energy exactly works + how you need to wield it. How do you need to make decisions? How should your day be mapped out? How should you navigate through life in times of uncertainty? How to navigate through life at all? Do I need to listen to my head, other people, gut or intuition? It’s all the same and it’s all different. Are we here to create, initiate or guide? It’s just stock full of information that truly benefits you in your every day life. This is information you get to implement immediately – which I love so much!

Get more information

So, yeah. You can learn what your energy type is by going to and fill in your birth data. On the right it will tell you which “type” you are. Start learning more about your type by researching the internet by yourself.

Or if you want to learn more about your specific energy type without any hustle, buy the complementary video of your energy type here, also by Jenna Zoe from “My Human Design”, it’s a very clear and helpful video!

Let me know if you already knew about these things or that you found them helpful!

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