It’s about who you are, not what you do. #WS20

It's about who you are

It’s about who you are, not what you do.

To start off this season of posts, I think it’s important to address this; It’s about WHO you are – not what you do. Especially with the year of 2020 we have had so far. We should not – ever – be defining ourselves by what it is we do. Let’s say we’re speaking of occupations and careers. People so often start identifying themselves by what it is they do. With this, we put so much pressure on ourselves to fulfill that ideal. When instead you identify yourself as a doctor or a nurse, you could start identifying yourself as a caregiver – someone who wants to care for the people who cannot care for themselves. When you identify with the idea and motivation behind the occupation, it will never matter what it is you do. As long as you fulfill the idea and motivation behind it, you will feel fulfilled.

It's about who you are

I, for example, love studying. I love, love, love learning new things. I always identified myself as a “student”. I was always in school, learning new things and working towards a diploma. In 2020, I started identifying myself as a “science student”, which really appealed to me. Saying that I was a science student brought me immense gratification – which in my opinion, is all wrong. I shouldn’t be saying I am a science student, but I love learning science. When I quit my degree I won’t lose my “label”, I will still be able to study science – just not as a science student in school. If you get what I mean.

It's about who you are

Societal Conditioning

Because we have been so conditioned in our society to put meaning to titles and to be a “better” person or “worth more” as a person, when we wear certain titles. I know not everyone thinks like this, but the world has been so conditioned that it’s just the truth for many. For example; when people are comparing a doctor and a nurse, many would suggest that the doctor is probably smarter, because he did a longer degree. Or that the doctor’s job is more important, has better standing, is higher in terms of worthiness, etc.
When we look at the jobs, really look at the general meaning of the jobs – they’re the same. Yes, they have different tasks and responsibilities – people could argue over levels of difficulties. But the job descriptions are inherently the same; Caring for the sick – people who cannot care for themselves. Making them (feel) better.

It's about who you are

When we start identifying ourselves by who we are and why we innately feel called to do something – we let go of the comparison game. It’s not about being “this” or “that”, or having gone to Harvard or Yale. It’s not about having a degree or not. It’s about who you are and what you embody. We are all the same.

It's about who you are

How to “unidentify”

Let’s stop saying “I am a ____” or “I do ____”. Let’s start saying what it is you love doing, feel called to do, gives you massive inspiration and fulfillment. So, let’s start saying; “What I love doing most is [not what you do, but why you do it]. Remember your WHY and not your WHAT.
We should all start to value intentions and not titles or occupations.

It's about who you are

Let’s start BEING our highest self more, instead of DOING for the sake of accomplishing. Do for the sake of fulfillment. It is so important, now more than ever, to start accepting people for who they are and not their titles or jobs.

It's about who you are

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It's about who you are, not what you do.
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