Into the unknown and how to embrace it #WS20

Into the unknown

Into the Unknown

This is just like the frozen song; Into the Unknown; “I can hear you, but I won’t”. It’s scary and we often do not want to hear, but it’s life. Many people make plans and feel like they will be prepared for what’s to come, but let’s be honest – it never turns out the way we plan it to.
You know how people have their dreams and visions for their lives, but the way they get there is never how they thought it would happen or how they would have planned it to unfold. Or imagine you’re thinking about your day in the morning and completely imagining it. I can guarantee the day won’t happen exactly how you think it would, because life throws these curveballs and unaccounted-for-surprises.

Whatever we do, whatever we plan and however we might prepare for something; we are all facing the unknown, every single day, all over again. BUT, this is definitely not a bad thing! However, we must embrace it to reap the rewards. How you do this? Well, read on my friend!

Into the unknown

Embracing the unknown

So, why should we brace the unknown and quit trying to micromanage our lives. When we leave room to contemplate and be flexible we are open to miracles. You know how some things seem to take up so much time in advance, but once you have finished it you think “that went quicker than I though it would”? This is exactly why. When you give yourself 10 years to do something (big), you will probably take the 10 years. But if you give yourself 2 years, you will take 2 right? This is because time is a made-up concept. It does not mean that the clock isn’t ticking and that a “day” does not consist of 24 hours – no, those things are all true.

But what is different, is how we all perceive time. An hour might be a lot of time for someone to finish something, whilst for another person a couple of hours might be enough. A day goes by super fast for one person and really slow for another. We perceive time by measuring it, but how we actually live and experience time is a whole other matter.

Why is this even important?

Well, if we do not restrict ourselves with timelines and extensive plans, we might finish something a lot earlier. Or we might take the time we actually need. And where there’s space, new ideas will come. So if we do not fill up our entire calendar and schedule, new, exciting and surprising ideas might come to the surface. Some of them we wouldn’t even have ever gotten them, would it not be for the free and unscheduled time at hand.

We are literally saying; Hey miracles and dreams, I have time and am willing to listen to what you have to say. Come to me!

And don’t we all want some more miracles in our lives?

Into the unknown

Practical tips

  • Shape the vision of your ultimate dream life. You won’t have to make this specific or know exactly what you want – this also unfolds itself as you go.
  • Stop making 5 year plans towards this life and these goals, but hold the vision, be excited about it and trust in it.
  • Try to focus a maximum of 1 year ahead. Even better, a couple of months or one month ahead. But try not to schedule it to the brim – try to choose a focus for this time and then just live your life.
  • Unschedule certain days/time slots to leave room for experiences, people, miracles to come find you.
Into the unknown

Tomorrow’s post will be about a new way of ‘planning’ and how I’m tackling it in the new year. Fitting right? Follow me on instagram to know when a new post drops!

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