How to live according to the Moon’s Phases #WS20

Live according to the Moon's Phases

Live according to the Moon’s Phases

I have wanted to live according to the moon’s phases ever since I read “Witch” by Lisa Lister. It resonated with me so much and made sense in a way that nature just makes sense without having to logically explain it. I never had the time or space to do it, as I was doing a degree that had not much room for flexibility in my schedule. But now, as I’m embarking on this super excited journey of entrepreneurship in my life – it is the perfect time to start.

I want to share what I found about the phases and how I’m going to implement them in my life. Maybe you can try it to, if you have the space and energy for it currently! There won’t have to be massive changes, just small things to notice or take into consideration.

New moon phase

New Moon

The first phase of the moon cycle, the new moon. This is the time to “start over” or “start again”. The new moon is your clean slate. So, during this day I’m going to look forward to the rest of the cycle. What is it that I want to accomplish over the next few weeks? What would make me happy? But also; what projects or ideas have I wanted to take action on?
To figure out what it is you want, you can try meditation or visualization – or something similar. Write down your goals, wishes and make moodboards for what you want.

Live according to the Moon's Phases

Waxing Crescent Moon

The waxing crescent moon is a time for working on those dreams and goals. Keep the vision and goals you have in mind and enhance your manifestation powers to visualize and feel them as if they are already here and real (because they are). This is the time to kee the faith and go bravely after what it is you want!

first quarter moon phase

1st Quarter Moon

The first quarter of the moon is a phase of letting go. Let go of things that no longer serve you, like; old dreams that no longer serve you, limiting beliefs that stand in the way of you making your dreams come true or accomplishing your goals. Also, review your new moon goals. Are they still lighting you up? Or do you need to change something?

Live according to the Moon's Phases

Gibbous Moon

Also called Waxing Gibbous. The gibbous moon phase is a phase of staying on the course and to stay patient. Do not give up on your goals and wishes and carefully notice what life is trying to tell you. Are there things you could do differently or do the goals need to be adjusted? This is a time to tweak your plans or to make entirely new ones.

Full moon phase

Full Moon

The full moon phase is the phase of culmination. This is a time for goals and wished to come to fruition. This is the time to manifest your goals into your physical reality. Feel encouraged and think positive thoughts about them. Feel absolutely certain that they will come true, because only then, one day – they will. Also be grateful for everything you already have and look back on the past month. This is also the time for you to practice forgiveness or do a cord-cutting ceremony. And, if there are decisions to be made – make them now.

Live according to the Moon's Phases

Disseminating Moon

Also called Waning Gibbous. The disseminating moon phase is the phase to take a step back and relax. Try not to start any new projects or ventures during this time and just accept what is. Share what you have learned with others during this time. Is there anything you’ve experiences, that could help other people on their journey too? Share!

Third quarter moon phase

3rd Quarter Moon

Also last quarter. During the third quarter moon phase it is time to look in every direction. Where are there still unfinished things for you to accomplish or work on? Try to finish as many things as possible. This is not the time to take a break, even if you might want it. Finish things and make room for the new!
Review your new moon goals again, do you want to stick with them in the new cycle or do you want to make new and/or adjusted plans? Are there things you want to leave behind?

Live according to the Moon's Phases

Balsamic Moon

Also Waning Crescent. The balsamic moon phase is a time of healing and taking another little break before the new moon phase starts. Think about your goals and dreams and allow inspiration to guide you. Literally daydream and go wild with your imagination. Know that anything is possible. Let go of things that do not serve you before the new moon and start fresh.

I’m going to try to live according to the moon’s phases and I’m super excited. I will definitely get back to you on this. Tomorrow’s post will be about the best movies and series I watched (and rewatched) in 2020. Follow me on instagram to be the first to know when new posts are online!

Lots of Love,

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