3-Act Story Structure: Series Announcement

3-act story structure

3-Act Story Structure

One of the most famous and fun topics in story structure is the 3-Act Story Structure. It’s basically the beginning, the middle and the ending, including plot points that mark different points in a story. There are many different 3-act structures in circulations, but I will show the plot points that I use (throughout single blogposts, which are linked when published). Which are:

Act 1

1. The Hook: Introduction to the main character and the inner conflict
2. Inciting Incident: Something pushes the character on their journey
3. Build-up: There is an impossible question for the main character to answer
4. First Plot Point: The character makes a choice
5. First Pinch Point: The bad guy/opposite force is introduced

Act 2

6. Pre-Midpoint: The main character faces their fear
7. Midpoint: Plot-twist that changes the plot
8. Post-Midpoint: The main character faces the problem differently
9. Second Pinch Point: The bad guy/opposite force comes closer

Act 3

10. Supposed Victory: The main character thinks they have won
11. Disaster: The card house collapses
12. Dark Moment: The main character hits rock bottom
13. Aha Moment: Hope ignites
14. Climactic Confrontation: The final (and biggest) challenge
15. Victory: The main character overcomes this final challenge
16. Resolution: Wrapping up the plot (or a cliffhanger/extra plot twist if it’s a series)


I want to stress something before you’re done reading this post, because I believe in writing the story YOU want to write. With this series, I’m not trying to tell you how you should write your story – only you know how to tell your story and what is best for your characters/plot. But what I want to accomplish with this series is to look at other (amazing) stories and see how they fit into the 3-act story structure. Some stories play around with it and some stories keep to it very strictly, which I want you to explore for yourself!
Don’t feel “fixed” in the way you need to do things, but rather feel free to play around with your ideas. This is just a “story structure” and not “the one and only way to do stories”. However, you’ll come to find that the majority of stories fit inside the 3-act story structure, one way or another.

Lots of Love,

Britt van den Elzen

Hi! I’m Britt, a 20-something creative entrepreneur from the Netherlands. I’m passionate about all things magic and can often be found dreaming about fictional worlds. The greatest love of my life is storytelling and I’ve been reading and watching stories ever since I can remember. ✨

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