What is Booktube and how to use it? (4 ways)

What is Booktube?

If you’ve never heard of Booktube before, let me elaborate. Booktube is an industry/segment on YouTube that is solely focused on talking about books. There are videos about books, book tags, book hauls, bookshelf tours, etc. These Booktuber’s are often divided in sub-categories on Booktube. You have YA (Young Adult) readers (often also new adult readers) and Adult readers. There are booktubers that focus on contemporary novels, but there are also (many) booktubers that focus mainly on fantasy and sci-fi books or stories.

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How to Start a Booktube channel

First of all; on YouTube! This is where the readers and book lovers are at. The whole process of starting a YouTube channel is pretty straightforward and outlined extensively online. So, for the practical part of starting a channel, you should hit the search bar and google away!
But before you start a channel, ask yourself the following questions that will help you figure out where to start:

  1. What do you want to name your Booktube channel?
  2. About what type of books (or other story formats) do you want to talk about?
  3. What are your favorite genres?
  4. Do you want to do tags and/or vlogs?
  5. How often would you like to post a video?

How to use Booktube as a Book lover

Booktube is a thing many people stumble upon as readers and book lovers first. You might’ve been searching for book recommendations or got recommended a book-related video and jumped into the wormhole of booktube.

Start a Booktube channel

Starting your own booktube channel might seem really daunting, but most of the book community is incredibly lovely! Of course there are trolls on the internet, but you shouldn’t let that stop you. Never let others dictate what you want to do with your life. And as I’ve said, most of the book community is incredibly lovely and kind! In my biased opinion, I believe that the book community is one of the kindest communities out there. But that’s from my experiences. You can start reaching out to and immerse yourself in the book community, today! There are many people who are looking for people like you on the internet to connect with!
Also something to consider; if you grow (which might take some time) and get a following, you can get (send) arc copies of anticipated reads. A.k.a. Review copies you do not have to pay for. You could also start a small side-hustle and sell bookmarks to your viewers, for example. Fun!

Watch booktubers

That fit your reading habits. Get new tips every week and put it on in the background as it’s usually very relaxing. Many new book trends happen because of booktube, so stay in the know and follow the booktubers you like most or feel like match your book taste! Also, if you want to work in publishing (or already do), I would highly suggest watching some booktubers from time to time. You’ll get a really solid idea of certain genres or markets and what people are looking for in books, as booktubers often start discussions and host read-a-thons (reading a lot of (specific) books in a certain amount of time) or buddy reads (reading a specific book with their community or friends).

How to use Booktube as an author

Booktube also is an incredibly useful tool for authors. Whether you’re making your own videos or reaching out to booktubers you want to work with. Let’s get into the options!


The first is authortube, which is a sub-category on booktube, where authors share tips for other aspiring authors. This is fun if you don’t want to talk about other books, but still want to make videos. You can make videos about writing, (self-)publishing, marketing and much more – whatever you feel like really. A bonus to this is that you could make some additional income as an author, and grow an audience that might even buy your books!

Work with booktubers

As I’ve already mentioned; booktubers often get send free (often arc) copies of books. If you’re an author or publisher; you should engrain booktube in your marketing plan! Booktubers have a lot of influence on the book industry, especially in specific genres, which means that having a booktuber talk or gush about your books is amazing marketing! Big booktubers are often hard to reach, especially as indie authors (self-published authors), but don’t underestimate the power of smaller channels. Really don’t, because they often have the most engaging audiences and communities.

How do you use Booktube?

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