First Plot Point (Act 1 of the 3-Act Story Structure)

First Plot Point

First Plot Point

The First Plot Point is the point in the story where the main character makes a choice. The impossible question from the build-up is answered and the character’s journey really begins. This decision sets in motion a lot of hurdles and challenges that your character will face throughout the rest of the story.

Some questions to ask yourself, about your own story:

  • What are the logical consequences of your character’s choice?
  • How does this decision make your character feel?
  • What’s the least painful next step for your character to take after making this decision?

First Plot Point Examples

First Plot Point
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Mulan decides to go to the war, pretending to be a man. Her father can’t get her back, because when people find out she’s a girl, she faces death. All she can do know is survive this war and hide among the ranks.

First Plot Point
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Cooper decides to go on the NASA mission and breaks Murphy’s heart and trust. He knows it’s the most promising way to secure his children’s future and even though he probably won’t see them growing up, he gives them a future to grow up into.

First Plot Point
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The Hunger Games

Katniss decides to go to the Hunger Games in her sister’s place. She needs to make the best of things and knows she does have a chance at this. In the capital, when preparing for the Hunger Games, Katniss takes it seriously. And when each tribute needs to prove themselves to some of the gamemakers, she makes a controversial impression–that earns her the best score out of all the tributes.

First Plot Point
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Jake takes on the colonel’s proposition and reports back to him about the Avatars. When Jake goes on his first mission and gets attacked, he has to run and gets lost. They leave him behind for the night, assuming he didn’t survive it. When night falls and he gets in trouble, a native (Neytiri) finds him and rescues him. Neytiri finds him annoying and tries to get rid of him, but Jake won’t be left alone. When Jake is blessed by seeds of Eywa, Neytiri knows he is important and takes him back home with her to Hometree. There he gets access to the clan and they want to train and teach him to become part of the Navi.

First Plot Point
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Beauty and the Beast

Belle chooses to remain in the beast’s castle, which means her father is free to go back home.

I hope you got some inspiration to write the first plot point of your story!

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