FREE Online Story Announcement: New Dam City Serial

Free online story announcement

Free online story announcement

What’s the big difference between a finished book and a serial?

Let’s get into the basics first because I think most of you have never heard about a serial before. We all know a standard book: it covers one story (arc) and ends, depending on whether it’s part of a series or a standalone. You can read it from cover the cover, whenever you want. 

serial is a “serialized” novel. The book is split up into several parts, or even chapters, that are released apart—usually close together. The best example to use is the difference between a movie and a tv series. A movie is a finished product, while a tv series consists of multiple episodes with a beginning and end that form one “overarching story (arc)” together.

Free Online Story Announcement: the New Dam City Serial

I’ve wanted to write a serial ever since I learned of the meaning. I loved the idea of regular publishing instead of working on the same thing for a year and then publishing it. But, I’m a busy person, and taking on another writing project takes a lot of work. But, because I really wanted to do it, I decided to make it a free serial. That takes the pressure off of my perfectionism, earning money, publishing schedules, etc. And it means that people will be able to access these stories for free—which is very important to me, too.

The first story in the New Dam City Serial + what/who it is about.

The first volume of the New Dam City Serial is “The Archangel of New Dam”. And YES, the serial is in the adult, fantasy romance genre (which I am obsessed with). 

Here’s the synopsis: 

The Archangel of New Dam

Laila Cuprum, half-angel and award-winning scientist researching the Magic Sickness, crosses paths with the ruler of the hierarchy she despises so much: the Archangel of New Dam. At first, she ignores his advances and keeps him at a distance. But he seems to be getting closer and closer, no matter what she tries—even space can’t keep them apart forever.

Dominic Venetia is the Archangel of New Dam City. The moment he sees Laila, he knows. He doesn’t care that she is dating someone or trying to keep her distance—he will give her what she needs because he knows that she will eventually see what he sees: that they are meant to be. And nothing can keep them from colliding.

Copyright © 2021 Britt van den Elzen

Plans for this series (volumes)

I’m planning on writing multiple volumes as of right now. And probably all of them free, for as long as that feels right to me. Eventually, I would love to publish them professionally: have a professional editor go over them, create professional covers, etc. But, for now, and the far foreseeable future, it will be completely free! YAY.

The first chapter is coming soon. Subscribe to my blog (right sidebar), so you can stay up-to-date with new posts coming out or follow me on Instagram to get updates @brittvandenelzen.

Lots of Love,

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