Life Update: I quit school (again), but this time to pursue my dreams.

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Pursue my Dreams

I quit school, to pursue my dreams.

There’s no clickbait, it’s true, I quit school (again) to pursue my dreams. And in this post I want to elaborate on my life update. I haven’t found the time to write this update post and honestly, I was a bit restless as well.
In the title I say ‘again’, so I will go into that a bit before I go back to the present – for the people who do not know (it’s in dutch).

The text will continue throughout this post, in-between images. So, let’s continue & read on!

Dropping out of High School

When I was 18 (I’m 22 now), I struggled with depression and decided to drop out of high school. This was VERY unlike me, because I loved school and it came fairly easy to me (which had always been a blessing, because the school system is fucked up and there are a lot of people who do not fit in it). But, alas, I also fell out of that boat. I had always wanted to further my studies and get into higher education, which I really was passionate about. I had wanted to study Astronomy since I was 15, because I wanted to become an astronaut. But after discovering that physics was not my strong suit, I decided to study Chemistry (this was my favorite subject in school).
Long story short; I started battling with depression although my life was great. Nothing traumatic happened and honestly, nothing out of the ordinary was really going on. After some time of this, I decided I needed to get out of my head and stop putting pressure on myself. I quit literally EVERYTHING; sports (basketball), side job, social contact & school. I then went on to study a 2-year program in Fashion Design, where I could work with my hands a LOT. It was the best decision I have ever made regarding to my depression, and I believe it is one of the things that had gotten me to slow down and heal.

Pursue my Dreams


After my short fashion design track I had a feeling of wanting to continue my studies. I have always loved anything school or study related, so this was not something I pressured myself into. For a moment I thought about going to art school to pursue costume designing (for theater and film), but I soon felt myself drawn to science again. There was something left unsaid between me and science, after I dropped out of high school and let go of the dream of becoming an Astronaut. So, I picked that dream back up and looked at my options. Because I did not have my high school VWO diploma, I could not go to university. What I could do, was go to HBO (A University of Applied Science), so I decided to go that route. After making a detour – with pit stops at degrees such as; Creative Business & Entrepreneurship – I ended up at a science degree that consisted of Microbiology, Chemistry, (Chemical) Engineering, Physics, Maths & Statistics. And, I loved it. I actually really, really, really enjoyed it.

Pursue my Dreams

Consistent Passion(s)

But, what I did not tell you yet, is that I continued reading & writing my book(s) and creating content at ALL times. I have been creating content (blogging) since I turned 13 (!!!) and I have done it throughout all of my teen years. I switched from Fashion Blogging, to Lifestyle blogging & Books.
What I also did not tell you is that when I was really depressed, I found out about Personal Development, Spirituality & Mindset. I was sucked into the world of Manifestation and all things spiritual.
All of these things resulted in me having a passion that had never, ever left my side. At the end of the short Fashion Design program I decided I wanted to start and run my own company. Of course, at the time I wanted to do it in combination with studying full time. This is rather like me, taking too much on my plate at once because I am so freaking ambitious. It’s overwhelming sometimes, I assure you, to pursue my dreams.

Pursue my Dreams

Officially Quitting

As I already told you, I was loving the science degree. But as time went on it proved to be challenging. Not the degree – but combining the full-time degree with my passions and business. I love writing, being creative and delving into spirituality. And during my time studying science, I did not have a lot of time to do this.
I let the idea of quitting to pursue my dreams marinate inside my brain, because it was way to scary to truly think about it. Britt is a person that studies – that should study and make a contribution in a field that not enough women make a contribution in. I wanted to pave a way and be a badass scientist – maybe even an astronaut. I am cut out for the job and I felt like just because I could, I should.
But, life isn’t about this ‘prove yourself’ tactic and sooner or later the truth will catch up. And it did, with me. At the time I felt so much sadness for not being able to do what I actually wanted to do, that I made the decision out of exhaustion instead of boldness. The week after however, I got so many anxiety attacks, that I did need to be bold. I wanted to crawl back into my safe space and felt like I was mourning the loss of a good friend. It was an experience that made me grow, to be sure.

Pursue my Dreams

The Present

Right now, I have been exactly 2 months out of school. I have had many moments of doubt creep over me; doubt about whether what I want would even succeed. The beliefs about the succes I wanted and knew I could get were always so freaking strong, but when I was faced with them head on I shivered. It’s so easy to look at something from a distance, instead of having to face it yourself. Perspective literally morphs.
I do still think about pursuing degrees one way or another – in a part-time form of course – because I love studying and I love structure in a sense. Science also never leaves my brain and I still love to interact with it in a fun way, not in a way in which I have to “prove” anything. BUT, I also know that these options will stay open to me for as long as I live – so the possibility is ALWAYS there. I do not have to study now, I never have to study. But if I want to, I know I can!

But, very long story short, I have quit my full-time degree – and I’m keeping myself from ever trying to pursue another full-time degree again. Part-time, yes, this might be an option – as my time currently is filled a lot with thinking about it and how much fun studying actually is. But I will never put my writing and other passions to the side line ever again. So yeah, let’s keep it at that for now.

Oh no, wait, I still need to tell you about the dreams I am pursuing!

Pursue my Dreams

The Dreams I am Pursuing

The reason I gave up studying is more elaborate than ‘building my business’. What I want to do is;

  • Be a published AND bestselling author (#1 if I could have my way – and I can 😉). And someday, I would love to adapt my books into movies, series or animations. Let’s just put it at New Dam (my company) becoming a sort of Disney-like company.
  • Help (millions of) people all over the world (with spirituality/mindset or something else entirely, as long as I help).
  • Have the freedom to travel whenever I want to and structure my own days + decide what I want to do.
  • Help organizations, causes and people to pursue their goals and dreams and contribute to further the things I strongly encourage, such as; equality, diversity, inclusivity, access to education, the environment and so much more!

And listen to my new Podcast Episode about why you SHOULD pursue your Dreams!

Lots of Love,


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