Self-Publishing my first Book

Self-publishing my first book

I’m Self-Publishing my first Book

I am self-publishing my first book. Probably also my second and my third, and so on. A lot of people ask me why? Well, let me explain!

Writing an amazing book is hard either way. To be traditionally published, your book should be amazing. But that’s not the only prerequisite. Your book should be in a genre or about a topic that is “hot” right now, or is such a marketing magnet, that it sells itself. If the publishing house doubts whether it will sell, they won’t take it. They need to have a certain “guarantee” that they’ll be able to make money from the book.

If I believe in something, it’s not always a guarantee that others will, too. But what I do know for a fact, is that no one will care more about my book than I do. That’s the reason I want to self-publish. I want to retain all the rights to my book, have the final say on any call, choose who I want to work with. In other words: I want to choose it ALL—I want to have full control over my entire book. Yes, it would probably be easier to earn money if my book is bought by a traditional publisher. Especially at the start. Self-publishing takes a lot of research, practice, and most of all—patience. It will be a hell of a lot easier to get your book inside bookstores if you’re traditionally published—so if that’s really important to you, think about it. It’s not impossible to get your book in bookstores as a self-published author—nothing is impossible—but it probably won’t be easy.


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Hi! I’m Britt, a 20-something creative entrepreneur from the Netherlands. I’m passionate about all things magic and can often be found dreaming about fictional worlds. The greatest love of my life is storytelling and I’ve been reading and watching stories ever since I can remember. ✨

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