Self-sabotage in business and creativity + wrap-up


Self-sabotage in business and creativity

First of all, before I’m giving you my wrap-up of the last couple of weeks, I’m going to talk about self-sabotaging in business and creativity. More accurately: my own personal attempts from the last couple of weeks.
I’ve committed to working on my dream business and creativity (writing books), but somehow that message hasn’t landed in my brain, yet. In a personal post from a couple of months ago, in which I wrote about leaving school, I mentioned that studying is my comfort zone. Learning and studying/going to school, still are. My procrastination often comes in the form of “not knowing enough” according to my standards, or just researching something or watching YouTube videos about it before taking action.
But it also comes in the form of school—which is a tricky one, because it’s celebrated. Most people think it’s a good thing to go to school and they urge you to take an education. But is it still the right thing when you know how to start? To continue?

I don’t think so.

Lately I’d been looking at part-time degrees (because my old astronaut dream resurfaced), but know it’s not my way forward. My dream business and writing career are so much more important. It’s my way of sabotaging my success. To sabotage it before it even gets here. Why? Because it’s scary as fuck. I wrote down the exact thing that occurred and how I realized it wasn’t right for me, for my non-fiction book.

How to recognize self-sabotage & crush it

The best way to recognize when you’re self-sabotaging your goals and dreams, is when you’re doing something that is less important to you than the thing you (secretly) want to do. Or to not do something, because you’re scared and you don’t know why. Being scared is a natural part of the journey on your way to your dreams and it’s something to be faced head on—not hide from.
Remember that not going after your dreams, one step at a time, means that they’ll never come true. What’s the point of having them if they never have the possibility of coming to life?
Every time you notice self-sabotage (in business and creativity), you release yourself from its grip, forgive yourself for giving in and look the other way. Instead, take the first step towards making the dreams come true.
You got this.

If you don’t sacrifice for what you want, what you want becomes the sacrifice.

Don’t sacrifice–prioritize

Wrap-up: Reading and Watching


I’ve read book 1-3 of the “Hades & Persephone” series and absolutely loved it! Here’s the synopsis of book 1, if you’re interested in some romance + mythology combined:

A Touch of Darkness (Hades & Persephone #1) by Scarlett St. Clair

Persephone is the Goddess of Spring by title only. The truth is, since she was a little girl, flowers have shriveled at her touch. After moving to New Athens, she hopes to lead an unassuming life disguised as a mortal journalist.
Hades, God of the Dead, has built a gambling empire in the mortal world and his favorite bets are rumored to be impossible.
After a chance encounter with Hades, Persephone finds herself in a contract with the God of the Dead and the terms are impossible: Persephone must create life in the Underworld or lose her freedom forever.
The bet does more than expose Persephone’s failure as a goddess, however. As she struggles to sow the seeds of her freedom, love for the God of the Dead grows—and it’s forbidden.

Links: Bookdepository / Amazon /
Source: Goodreads

I’ve also read the entire “Hoops” series (3 books) by Kennedy Ryan, who I already talked about a couple posts ago. After reading this entire series, she’s officially one of my all-time favorite romance authors. She’s out-of-this-world good. Here’s the synopsis for book 1:

Long Shot (Hoops #1) by Kennedy Ryan

Think you know what it’s like being a baller’s girl?
You don’t.
My fairy tale is upside down.
A happily never after.
I kissed the prince and he turned into a fraud.
I was a fool, and his love – fool’s gold.
Now there’s a new player in the game, August West. 
One of the NBA’s brightest stars.
Fine. Forbidden. 
He wants me. I want him.
But my past, my fraudulent prince, just won’t let me go.

*Some aspects of this story may be sensitive for some readers.

Links: Bookdepository / Amazon /
Source: Goodreads

Oh, and I read a Dramione fanfic: Isolation. I loved it, yes. If you know, you know.



  • Game of Thrones. Because, when ignoring season 8, it’s still the absolute best tv shows out there!
  • Outerbanks. Because my boyfriend hadn’t seen it yet and season 2 released the 30th!

Watched (more like binged)

  • Sex/Life. Because, the characters, development, tension, struggles and relationships are portrayed SO well. Alright—the sex, too!
  • Atypical (S4). Because it’s super comforting and just laid-back and relaxed.
  • Never have I ever (S2). Because I loved season 1. It’s a fun series.


  • On the Basis of Sex. Because Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a badass and my parents hadn’t watched it yet.
  • Luca (Disney). BECAUSE IT’S DISNEY. How could I not? I cried. Loved the music.

Lots of Love,

Britt van den Elzen

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