The Archangel of New Dam: Episode 1

The Archangel of New Dam: Episode 1

The Archangel of New Dam: Episode 1


“You can do this. Just go out there, accept the award, and get back out again,” Laila told her reflection in the mirror as she rinsed her wrists with ice-cold water. She dried them and adjusted a few hairs back into the large clips that held it back to one side of her head. 

The clips were made of the same material as the curve-hugging dress she was wearing—like silver-spun-silk.

She bit her lip and immediately cursed herself. “Goddammit.” The irritating little habit was messing up her bright red lipstick. Luckily, the small clutch under her arm contained the correct shade, and she touched up the few smudged spots. 

Laila pouted her lips and closed the lipstick with a loud click. “Pull it together, Lai.”

Looking back at herself, her frown finally disappeared, and she started to smile. She had everything she ever wanted; a fantastic career, the best of friends, a man that adored her… And now, actual results that were going to change the world for the better. Baby steps, though, but change nonetheless. 

Laila switched her phone off and put it away in her silver clutch as the nerves ran through her body. Then she opened the door and left the room, towards the stage.


Dominic had always been bored at the yearly New Dam City Award show, but the last couple of years were especially exhausting. Tonight marked his 88th time attending, and it was the same old boring show as usual: presenting the awards, listening to speeches, seeming interested when the receivers looked at him for approval. It was all so… trivial

And he was still young.

He was finishing up an email on his phone when the strangest thing happened. The air seemed to shift, and the room seemed to brighten as his senses heightened. He sensed the other presence before the click-clacking of heels sounded on the marble floor of the theater’s reception hall. He looked up, and his white feathers bristled as he beheld the woman in silver before him.

Her long, dark brown hair was waved and styled in a way that exposed her neck and face to him. She had a slim, regal mouth, a delicate but stern nose, and big round eyes, although he couldn’t quite see what color, as she immediately turned the other way without noticing him.

And it was hard not to notice Dominic Venetia. His large, white-feathered wings were tucked in tight, but his large built and tall height still made him look enormous. Not to mention, his bronzed skin and matching hair made him stand out even more.

It didn’t often happen that people didn’t gawk at him, especially those that belonged to the female species. But it was even rarer when he gawked at them

And this woman was the most attractive female he had ever laid eyes on.

Her long, curved frame disappeared out of view and towards the stage. 

Who the hell was she? 

He had no clue, but whoever she was, he was going to find out.

Sometime later, Dominic looked out onto the stage from his balcony, where the ceremony had been running for an hour already and the woman had not yet appeared.

For a moment, while scanning the crowd for the silver-dressed goddess he had seen, he thought he’d completely imagined her. But then, somehow—just like before—all of his senses zoned in on the stage when the science award got announced like he should pay attention. 

The presenter read from his cards. “We all know her from her enlightening interviews and her revolutionary research. She’s on a mission to make New Dam Magic-sickness free: can I have applause for… Laila Cuprum!”

The moment he heard her name, and she stepped onto the stage, the light catching her dress, he heard a soft buzzing and felt his heart pound proudly beneath his jacket.

There she was.

His stare zoned in on her, and he tracked every inch of movement as she walked forward, a big—ravishing—smile on her face. The face that he wanted to hold and turn to him. If she would only look at him, she’d see.

Dominic suddenly felt very aware of himself and his surroundings. He scanned the crowd for any signs that they had the same reaction to her as he was having. But apart from some appreciative glances and applause, no one seemed to have the same response.

He realized it then—his reaction to her from the first moment he sensed her presence in the hall. The minute she opened her mouth to say something, he knew she was the answer to a centuries-old song. 

His song.


Laila held the science award as she smiled out onto the crowd. 

“First of all, I want to thank my team at the research institution. The best of the best and brightest minds in science today—this award is yours, too. I want to thank my family for always supporting my dreams. My best friend, for having my back and being the best lab partner a girl could ever ask for.” Laila grinned at Dana in the back of the room. “And lastly, I want to thank my partner for having the patience to stand by me during one of the busiest times of my life.” Her eyes went to Josiah, who sat next to Dana, and he winked.

“This is only the start,” she finished. “Thank you.”

And instead of acknowledging the Archangel of New Dam, seeking his approval and bowing her head, as was expected, Laila ignored him entirely and walked off the stage.

She was decidedly not a fan of New Dam’s hierarchy. The way she, being a half-angel, needed to just accept the pecking order of this city and bow to him—the Archangel of New Dam. The Archangel stood at the top of the hierarchy everywhere, and their power was so dominating that every city or region could only have one ruling at a time. Otherwise, there would be just too much friction in the power dynamics that held a populated area together.

Whatever together meant.

With the angels all high and mighty at their precious higher court and the demons holding us under their thumb in the lower court, all of them pretending to be better than the middle court, there was no chance in hell that she would ever accept the way this city was run. Plus, she and her team had put in the work for this research—the Archangel had nothing to do with it except exist. 

So, no, Laila wouldn’t give credit where it wasn’t due. And she was anything but a coward.


She had refused to look at him—to meet his eyes. Didn’t even blink an eye when the crowd started to murmur. 

What the hell?

Dominic refused to let this deter him, however. It wasn’t about the disrespect for him—he didn’t give two shits about that. It was the fact that she hadn’t even looked. If she had just looked at him—she would have known: who he was and why they were so detrimental for each other’s existence, why they shouldn’t be apart from each other for even another second.

The room seemed to electricize around him, and he suppressed the urge to fly to her and get her to notice him, too—to do anything to get into contact with her.

She was going to notice him, though, of that he was sure. 

But he was going to do this his way.

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