The Archangel of New Dam: Episode 2

The Archangel of New Dam: Episode 2

The Archangel of New Dam: Episode 2


After the award ceremony wrapped up, the audience moved to a more informal hall where they could get unlimited drinks and snacks. Laila walked inside and was immediately congratulated by several people she didn’t know or even recognize.

She took a drink from a passing tray and looked through the room. Soon, she found what she’d been looking for: her people.

Josiah and Dana stood in the back of the room with the rest of the research team she had worked so tirelessly with.

Laila walked over and pulled Dana in a tight hug, after which her friend kissed her on the cheek. “We’re so incredibly proud of you, Lai.”

She let the award pass around the team as she turned around and walked over to Josiah, who was giving her a secret smile and looked like he was about to ravish her on the spot. He let his hand drop past her lower back and glide appreciatively over her curves as he planted a kiss on her still-red lips.

As a fellow half, he knew how difficult it was to get recognition for their achievements. Most wholes didn’t want to face the fact that halves could get the same life-spans, let alone be more powerful or succesful. It was all in the bloodline, they said. Sadly, humans made up a large part of the middle court, too, and because they were treated even worse, they generally didn’t particularly like the halves, either.

There were exceptions, of course, like her best friend Dana, who was full-blooded fae and didn’t give two shits about the fact—which was easy for her, considering it had never bothered her or proved to be an obstacle because it wasn’t. She’d introduced Laila to Josiah, who was half-fae—one of the two halves that were part of the fae’s first star-shooting team (the most popular sport in New Dam City for the yearly tournament during the falling-stars nights, when all the teams would contest for the New Dam City Cup: NDCC). It was a popular sport, with half a billion people in the city following it, and it was played in mixed teams (which Laila liked about it), and thus the contenders were rather popular, too. Especially within their own divisions.

Laila had known who Josiah was, as he was one of the few halves that competed in the NDCC’s, and she’d been a little star-struck when she’d first met him. Because he was fine as hell: tall and muscular, perfect teeth and lips—with light brown eyes, brown hair, and a tan face. Not to mention that he had been the perfect gentleman from the first moment they’d dated. 

“I’ll show you how proud I am tonight,” Josiah whispered in her ear—a promise that would, as Laila knew from experience, definitely live up to her expectations.

Thinking about it, Laila suppressed a shiver and looked up at him. She smiled and was about to say something back to him as Dana drew her attention.

Lai,” she hissed. “He’s coming. This way.”


Dominic’s stomach dropped as he descended the stairs and buttoned his suit-jacked back up. Why hadn’t she recognized him as he had her? The only reason could be that… 

He vaguely recalled her saying that she had a partner in her speech, and he swallowed. 

Dominic had never been a jealous man, had never experienced the feeling before, so the bitter tang that now coated his mouth made his mood drop rapidly. 

However, he was and always had been an optimistic man; thus, he would not let himself be deterred. 

Walking into the room packed with people, he scanned the space for her party and spotted them immediately—like everything in him knew where she was at any given moment in time. 

The man standing beside her faintly smelled of her. So, she did have a man with her. Was he a boyfriend? Or something else? He vaguely remembered the term “partner” that she’d used—whatever that meant.

He continued walking, getting closer to her than he’d ever been, and was awed by her beauty. Dominic had thought she was gorgeous before, but this woman before him was a whole other kind of wonder. 

She was half-angel, and did, like most, not have wings either. She did however possess a vast amount of power, he sensed, which meant she most likely had a long life span. 

The man, a half-fae, was one of the many fae that surrounded her—as they all mainly worked in the same field. But he could tell he wasn’t a scientist. He thought he vaguely recognized him from the NDCC’s.

Dom arrived at their party and stood in front of her but didn’t smile. He placed his gaze on the male beside her and shook his hand. 

“Dominic,” he just said. 

The half-fae smiled with an assessing gaze—because he obviously knew who Dominic was and what his intentions were—which made him a guy with a brain, and he returned the gesture. “Josiah.”

Dominic dropped his hand and turned to the Fae female beside Laila, who was openly staring at him. He took her hand and placed a kiss on top. “Dom,” he said again. 

The female smiled and gave him a nod with her head, “Dana.” The friend’s knowing gaze made him smile a little, and he winked to her. Smart, too, that one.

Then, lastly, he planted his gaze on Laila herself. 

Laila. The name seemed to fit her, somehow. He scanned her wholly, from her now tense body, stern mouth, puckered brows straight into her questioning gaze. She was the one who was even more directly under his jurisdiction as an angel, and she’d shown the least respect. Probably because she, too, was intelligent and knew, just like the others, what he was about.

“Congratulations,” he told her. 

And before she could say anything, he had turned around and walked away.




Dominic had never been more eager to watch a game play out.


“He’s still watching,” Dana exclaimed as she started laughing again. She’d been incredibly amused by the whole situation.

Laila was not. “Then go to him and tell him to stop—or flirt with him if you’re interested,” she countered.

“Touchy, much?” Dana replied, grinning.

Laila was touchy. She wished he would just leave their group alone. The Archangel meddled with everyone’s business enough as it was—or not nearly, it seemed, as there still hadn’t been put in some good laws to better protect the rights of halves. The only thing she saw him do, was parade another movie star or singer on his arm every other month. It had been one of her favorite columns to read in the tabloids she secretly devoured in the lab’s bathroom during work hours. But that she enjoyed the column, which, for the record, was making fun of him—combined with the fact that he was incredibly handsome and powerful, did nothing to improve her opinion of him. 


“It doesn’t matter, though,” Dana continued. “Because he’s not staring at me. He’s staring at you.”

Laila cocked an eyebrow. “You’ve got to be mistaken.”

“She isn’t,” Josiah answered.

Laila twirled around to look at Josiah and then turned towards the Archangel, who was indeed looking at her. 

She frowned. “Isn’t it obvious that I’m not interested?”

“The only thing obvious was that he came over here for you,” Josiah said, and Dana nodded fiercely.

“Well, too bad for him,” Laila countered. “Isn’t it clear that I’m in a relationship, for god’s sake?”

“It is,” Josiah said. “He just appears not to give a fuck about that.”

Laila felt a stone drop in her stomach and turned around to her friend. “Well, now you have to go flirt with him.”

Dana gasped. “Why?”

“So he stops staring and can leave me the hell alone.”

“No way, Lai, I’m not going to make a fool out of myself in front of the Archangel—I’m just not.”


“Well,” Laila said, trying to bottle her nerves. “Then I am going to have a chat with him. Tell him to stop staring.” Because it was inappropriate, and she had to cross a line somewhere—Archangel or no.

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