The Archangel of New Dam: Episode 6

The Archangel of New Dam: Episode 6

The Archangel of New Dam: Episode 6


It was cold outside as Laila stood waiting for the car to pick her up in front of the research building.

She was glad Dominic wanted to meet her in the town hall instead of having her flown over to the Higher Court—she rather stayed within familiar surroundings.

Tomorrow was the first talk she would give to the Fae, and she was extremely nervous. For Laila, her research had always been the best type of distraction, so to have started the day in the lab was a small blessing. 

It also helped that Josiah was busy with the NDCC preparations, and she had been able to work almost non-stop on fine-tuning the text and trying out different talks. 

Dominic had texted her the day before and said he wanted her to do the speech in front of him and a couple of his advisers to see whether it was ready.


Dom felt excitement course through his body at the thought of seeing Laila today. She hadn’t left his mind since he first saw her, but he had felt especially restless since her call a couple of days ago.

Laila had come in and introduced herself to the members of the advisory council he had pulled together, who were going to determine whether the talk would translate to the audiences that would receive it.

The moment she started talking, he had hung to every word she said. Laila Cuprum was a natural storyteller, and she translated the intricate science into an easy and cohesive story.

And she had looked so… beautiful. Her intelligence clung to her like an extra layer of beauty that was obviously already there.

Then she had thanked us and stepped out of the office to wait outside while we discussed. But seeing as there was nothing to talk about, the conference room quickly emptied.

Dominic stepped outside, lastly, and smiled at her as she stood in a hurry. “And?” she asked.

“They all agreed that the talk was perfect.”

She placed a hand over her heart and let go of a breath. “I’m glad.”

Dom grinned. “Will you walk with me to my office?” He gestured into the hallway and raised an eyebrow.

Nodding, Laila put on her coat and walked beside him to the other end of the floor. 

Once inside his large office, Dom walked over to his chair to collect his coat. “Are you hungry?” he asked suddenly.

Laila looked up at him, lips a bit apart, “Hungry?”

“Yeah,” he gave her a crooked smile. “You know, food?”

She laughed. “Kind of.”

“Well, let me buy you dinner then—to celebrate the successful talk and to mark today as the beginning of a great partnership.” The words had left his mouth before he could stop them. He knew he was pushing his luck with her, and he needed to tread carefully.

“Alright,” she answered, steadily and just as abruptly.

Dominic swore he felt his heart skip a beat.


Eating dinner together didn’t have to mean anything, right? Laila had eaten dinner with many of her sponsors to discuss work or celebrate a new milestone. She just had to eat her food and stay on the topic of the partnership.

Although, she couldn’t overlook the fact that Dominic was the most powerful being in New Dam City, and he would be recognized by people everywhere.

She wondered what Josiah would think of it but quickly pushed her boyfriend to the back of her head. There was nothing to worry about.

Together, they walked through the building, into the main hall, and outside, where a private car was already waiting. How Dominic had arranged the car baffled her. Was the male able to talk to other minds now, too?

Dom tucked in his large, white wings, and she could see that they had a light golden shimmer in the setting sun as he held open the car door for her. 

She stepped inside, thanking him, and scooped over as he followed after her. He leaned against his large wings as he draped them over the backseat. Although they were tucked in tightly, she did feel the feathers brushing her hand as she leaned back on in her seat. 

Even though her father was an angel, she had never sat with one in a car. “Does it hurt?” Laila pointed to his wings. “To sit on them?”

The Archangel’s lips curved a little, and he looked amused. “It doesn’t, actually. They’re very flexible. Otherwise, harsh winds would snap them in half before we even took flight.”

“But,” Laila said, “isn’t it uncomfortable?” 

“Does it look uncomfortable?”

“A little,” she said truthfully.

Dom shrugged. “To me, it’s comfortable because it’s all I’ve ever known.”

She nodded.

“You’ve never touched wings before?”

It wasn’t a question. The intrigue was written all over his face. She was half-angel; of course, it spiked interest. 

“No.” He wasn’t around much to have had the opportunity. “My father was—is a private man.”

“Do you want to feel them?” He raised his eyebrows in earnest. “Many people do.”

“They touch them?” Laila gasped.

You did not touch an angel’s wings—were not supposed to touch them. Least of all, the Archangel’s. It was a very private and intimate touch, saved for loved ones.

He laughed, and it was a warm sound. “No. But they want to.”

“And you let them?” She stared at him incredulously.

Now, his chest rumbled with laughter. “Of course not. The people who tried, well… let’s just say there aren’t many of them stupid enough to try.”

Laila grimaced. 

“But I would allow you to touch them, this one time.”

She had to stifle a gasp. “Why?”

“Because you need to know what it’s like, being part angel. You have the right to.”

Tentatively, she let her hand graze the feathers on the edge of the wing closest to her. Laila felt her cheeks redden. She was touching the Archangel’s wings, for crying out loud.

As the car turned a corner, Dom’s hand clasped over hers, and she looked up at him as he guided her hand over the wing and let her feel the warmth—feel the power that was radiating from them. 

“They’re so soft,” she whispered. 

He grinned. “They are.”

Laila pictured herself naked in a cold bed, surrounded by them—wrapped in their warmth and softness. With Dominic

She quickly retracted her hand and averted her gaze. Clearing her throat, she nodded. “Thanks.”


Dominic inspected her burning cheeks, the hand that was now gripping her arm, and could only guess her thoughts.

Small bursts and cracks showed in her exterior, but this wasn’t the time to pounce. She was slowly, but surely, warming up to him. And he wanted her fully willing and in love before she even realized it when he told her.

Made her his.

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The Archangel of New Dam: Episode 6
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