The Archangel of New Dam: Episode 7

The Archangel of New Dam: Episode 7

The Archangel of New Dam: Episode 7


Climbing out of the car, Laila followed Dominic to the back entrance of some restaurant, and he led them into a private dining room. 

She understood his need for privacy, but after those treacherous thoughts had invaded her brain a moment ago, she didn’t feel wholly comfortable in her own skin—or to be alone with him at all, for that matter.

As they sat down and ordered their drinks, Laila inspected the room. It was beautiful and elaborately decorated. Not somewhere she would typically go, as she felt sort of out of her depths when it came to these places.

“They have the best fish in town,” Dominic told her randomly.

She smiled at him. “I’m a vegetarian.”

He just nodded and looked as if he was trying to keep a grin off his face. “Of course you are.”

Whatever that meant.

“I’m sure they’ll have something for me.”

“If I had known, I would’ve taken you somewhere else.”

“If you had asked, I would’ve told you it doesn’t matter.”

Braiding his fingers together, he leaned his face against them and inspected her intently. Silence filled the space between them.

Laila cleared her throat. “I get it. Not every place has these kinds of rooms, and it can’t be easy to get recognized everywhere.” 

He shrugged. “Again: it’s all I know.”

She pouted her lips but relaxed them again as the movement drew his gaze to her mouth. 

“I would suffocate if I had to live like this.”

Something in his gaze made her want to take the words back, but she had spoken honestly.

Dominic looked away. His wings tucked in even tighter as if trying to fold back into his body altogether, and he casually leaned back into his chair. “I guess you get used to it somehow.”

“I wouldn’t.” Laila firmly shook her head. “I value my freedom way too much.”

Frowning, the Archangel seemed about to say something again, but the waiter came in with drinks, and they ordered food. Laila noticed the menu didn’t even tell the prices, but she did not doubt that the Archangel didn’t care one bit as he was about the wealthiest person in the city.

When the waiter had left, she looked back towards the Archangel. “It also has its benefits, I guess—your station. You never have to wait on anyone and can get anything you want.” She didn’t know why she felt to urge to console him—wasn’t even sure he needed consoling in the first place.

“I guess,” he nodded, the beginning of a smile starting on his lips.

Her throat constricted at the sight of that smile. 


He wasn’t supposed to get this riled up by an honest confession, least of all from her. If there was anything Dom wanted, it would be that she was happy and stayed true to herself—and if anything about his life didn’t suit her, he would change it. In a heartbeat. But he was getting ahead of himself.

It never crossed his mind that being the Archangel would be a reason for her not to date him. It was the one thing he couldn’t change, the one duty he was born for.

“I’m excited about tomorrow,” Laila said, and when Dom met her eyes, it wasn’t what he wanted to find in them. 

He didn’t want her pity. There was nothing for her to feel sorry about.

Dominic plastered a wolfish grin on his face, and he saw her gaze change into something else entirely. 


“Me too. I can’t wait to watch you do your talk.”

Laila blinked her eyes a couple of times and seemed at a loss for words. 

His smile grew even wider at her burning cheeks.

It was too easy.

Shaking her head, Laila rolled her eyes at him. “You’re shameless.”

“But honest.”

“That, too,” she agreed. “You must be insufferable with single women.”

Dominic cocked his head. “Why do you assume I’m any different with single women?” She had no clue.

Laila raised her eyebrows. “I’ve seen you in the tabloids. If you didn’t know I was in a relationship, you’d be trying to get me into your bed.”

He felt himself harden and had to clench his fist underneath the table to hide his unease. “Believe me, Laila. If you weren’t in a relationship, I’d already have you there.”

Laila snorted and rolled her eyes. “Gods. You’re the most arrogant man I’ve ever met.” Her eyes told him a different story, though, and she wasn’t as unaffected as she tried to come across.

Dominic couldn’t feel an ounce of regret about the words that had left his mouth. He wanted to take it slow, yes, but he just couldn’t help himself. She had to be reminded of his intentions. If she asked him to stop, though, he would, without question.

But the woman that kept him captive never spoke the words.


Dominic shrugged casually as the doors opened and their food came in.

Laila still felt heated by his admission.

I’d already have you there.

That man was cocky as hell. He made it out to be as if she didn’t have a choice.

Which she did.

Which was why she should tell him to shut up.


Then why the f*ck didn’t she?

The Archangel in front of her laughed at something one of the waiters said, and Laila looked up at Dominic when the man left the room again, leaving them alone once more.

“So, what do you do when you’re not being the Archangel of New Dam?” She asked him with genuine interest.

Dominic picked up his cutlery and started delving into his food, which, Laila couldn’t help but notice, was a vegetarian dish. If he did that for her, he’d—

“I love art, always have. So, sometimes I hire off a gallery to curate new pieces for my home,” he said. “But I also love just lounging on the couch, putting on the tv, and pretending I’m a normal person.”

Laila smiled at him in a way that made him doubt whether she was mocking him, but she quickly reacted. “That must be difficult. Forgetting who you are, I mean. I think if I’d have your body, there would be no way of me ever forgetting.”

He grinned. “Yeah, until you put on channel six and get swallowed by the drama that is called ‘reality tv’.”

You watch reality tv?”

“Doesn’t everyone?” He shrugged, a knowing smile playing on his lips.

She grinned and decided she liked this part of him. Who had ever thought that she would be chit-chatting with the Archangel of New Dam City during a cozy dinner?

“And what do you do, miss Cuprum, when you’re not being the sassy scientist?” he asked her.

Laila rolled her eyes again. “I’m either with my friends, my boyfriend, or working some more from home.”

At the mention of Josiah, Dominic clenched his jaw.

“You have no right, you know?” She raised an eyebrow his way.

“To what?” He shot back.

Laila looked straight into his eyes. “To feel jealous.” She was playing a dangerous game and was getting too close to the fire. The rational part of her brain knew that if she didn’t watch out, she would get burned.

His gaze darkened, and he scoffed. “I have every right.”

“Because you’re the Archangel?”

He slowly shook his head. “There’s a lot you have yet to learn about the world and being immortal, Laila.”

She felt anger building beneath her skin. “That’s incredibly condescending. Maybe I have a mortal life-span.”

Please.” He seemed like he wanted to say more, but he clenched his jaw again to refrain from saying more.

Her mouth dropped open. “I could.”

“You don’t,” he said with a finality that made her shudder.

How the hell did he know?

But before she could ask him, the waiter came in to collect the empty plates. And the silence that filled the air seemed to stretch the tension to a breaking point.

“Would you like to order some dessert?” the waiter asked, and Dominic looked at me with a question in his eyes. A dare, almost.

“Sure,” I said and tried my best to smile politely at the waiter as he brought out the menus, and I ordered the most expensive-looking thing on there.


She really didn’t know much about being an angel. Not enough to know the extent of the powers of an archangel. And definitely not enough to recognize the bond between them.

The universe knew how to test him, that was for sure. If only he could tell her everything—but no. He couldn’t let that slip, couldn’t use it to win this game of back and forth. It was the one thing that was precious beyond everything, and if he told her, he would ruin it. Ruin them.

But he was seeping through her skin, and she knew it. Even if she didn’t know it yet. He was showing more and more of himself, and she was falling. 

Dominic had always been a determined man. When he wanted something, he would go after it and get it. 

And what he wanted was her.

Copyright 2021 © Britt van den Elzen

The Archangel of New Dam: Episode 7
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