8 Writing Tropes that are very common

Writing tropes

Writing tropes

This post is all about writing tropes and what they are. Because I bet that if you read a lot of books, you will have come across stories that use the same types of plots or characters. Or you’ve found some unspoken rule of sorts, that tells you that the bad boys wear black and that the main female characters are insecure. Not all of these writing tropes are bad, of course, but most of them are overused to the point of boredom. Let’s take a look at some writing tropes!

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Trope examples

Trope examples: List of Tropes

General writing tropes

The airport rush
We all know that part of the movies where one character is running through the airport halls JUST in time to catch the person they’re looking for. It’s usually at the end of the movie, and it rarely doesn’t result in a happily ever after.

All the characters are pretty
This trope is super unrealistic. First of all, because beauty is objective. Secondly, because not everyone can be pretty in a world. Not even by some people’s standards. People don’t look alike and people’s preferences don’t, either.

Romance tropes

Love triangles
This is a trope I personally really like if executed in a certain way. A love triangle is a romance trope that centers around three characters. It’s often one character that feels torn between two other characters. But it could be all three people feeling torn between each other.

Enemies to lovers
Another trope I love! With this trope, there are two characters that start off hating each other, or at least, they say/think they do. Later on, they end up growing towards each other – with great reluctance – and fall in love. Yay! This is an amazing romance trope in my opinion because it creates a lot of tension.

Romance tropes

Character tropes

The chosen one
One character that is destined to save the world. Literally, the single person who holds the power to succeed.

Evil character that lacks origin story
The evil character that has no decent bone in his body. Evil people aren’t often born evil, they are made evil. How did the character get where they’ve gotten? Why are the evil? Why do they do evil things? One entirely evil person, that is evil without reason, is a little unbelievable.

Insecure main character
This is really prominent in Young Adult literature. The main character, usually a girl, is really insecure. They are often boring, too.

Parents are dead
Also a Young Adult literature trope. The parents of the main character are nowhere to be found. That’s a little weird, right? But it makes it easier for the character to go on the big adventure and never look back! No strings attached, as they say.

Character tropes

Bad writing tropes

Many writing tropes are considered ‘bad’. For example; the vampire trope exhausts a lot of people. But this is all based on preferences. There’s a huge reader audience who are waiting for the next ‘Twilight’. There are lovers of love triangles (like me) and there are definitely haters.
Don’t be afraid to write what you want to write, because someone out there is waiting for your story!

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