Young Adult Bookish Vocabulary

Young Adult Bookish Vocabulary

Young Adult Bookish Vocabulary

Today I wanted to teach you a little young adult bookish vocabulary. Whether you’re just looking around the corner in Booktube-, Bookstagram– or BookblogLand; I’ve got your covered with some basic terms we use. And of course, what they exactly mean.

Let’s get started!

#1 TBR

Stands for “To Be Read“. This refers to all the books we still want to read. So I might use it in; “Catwoman by Sarah J. Maas is still on my TBR”. It’s also commonly referred to as a list.

Young Adult Bookish Vocabulary
#2 DNF

Stands for “Did Not Finish” or alike. This refers to a book we didn’t finish or quit halfway through, mostly in the negative way. So, we did not finish the book on Purpose. However, people might use it for every book they “DNF’ed”.

#3 OTP

Stands for “One True Pairing”. This refers to a romantic couple we “ship”/want to be together OR are our favorite pairing/couple. So I might say that Feyre and Reysand are my OTP.

Young Adult Bookish Vocabulary
#4 SFF

This stand for “Science Fiction/Fantasy”, which is one of the most popular Young Adult genres right now. Many people refer to them as “SFF Books”.

#5 MG, YA & NA

These stand for “Middle Grade”, “Young Adult” and “New Adult”. Middle grade books are books with a main character of 10-14 years old. Young adult books are usually books with a main character of 14 – 18 years old. New Adult books usually have a MC (main character) who is 18 – 24 years old. There might be some fluctuating in the age groups, but the big difference is that MG focusses on children growing into teenagers, NA focusses on teenagers growing (slowly) into adults & YA is right there in the middle. New Adult also is also a new emerging & upcoming genre for people who also love to read YA.

F.Y.I. Fun fact; Harry Potter started out as a Middle Grade book but is read by almost every age on earth! Most people see MG as a childish genre, but that’s a big misconception. 😉

#6 ARC/Galley

ARC stands for “Advanced Reader Copy”, and both ARC’s and Galley’s are the same thing. They are books that are handed out to Influencers or regular readers in order to get reviews BEFORE the book is published. Plus, they are ALWAYS free!

#7 Read-a-thon & Read-a-long

These are (mostly) group events online, where people take time and usually a theme, to read books together. A Read-a-thon could be a month full of reading books through challenges, with the goals of reading 10+ books. A Read-a-long usually means that you’ll be reading the same book(s) with other people, for a period of time.

Young Adult Bookish Vocabulary
#8 POV

This stands for “Point Of View”, and refer to the point of view you’re reading from. In the Hunger Games there’s only 1 POV, and that’s Katniss. In Throne of Glass there are Multiple POV’s, because you’re reading the story from multiple characters point of views.

#9 Auto Buy Author

This is an author you would be anything from, just because he/she has earned your loyalty by producing many amazing books and series. For me this is Sarah J. Maas.

If you have any questions about any vocabulary, or about terms I haven’t listed here, let me know down below!

Lots of Love,


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