The best movies and series I have watched in 2020

The Best Movies and Series I have watched in 2020

In this post I’m going to share the best movies and series I have watched in 2020! Excited? I am, so Let’s go!

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The Best Movies and Series I have watched in 2020


This is the only movie I have gone to two times, and then after it finished in the cinema’s we watched it at home. I have seen this movie 3 times now, and it certainly won’t be the last times. I love this movie so much; the intricacy, the depth, the mindf*cks and most of all; the story. During some parts of the movie I was even moved by the cinematography – the way the whole came together on screen. Holy shit. Best thing I have seen this year.


This series took me by surprise to be honest. I was scrolling through Netflix, looking for something to watch when I came across this one. I hadn’t heard anything about it – but it is SO good. Yes, it’s weird on some parts and yes it certainly focuses on some pretty bad sides of Hollywood. But it also tackles diversity issues and lets you catch a glimp into a world where things were done differently in the last century. Overall, love the characters and story as an entirety! Worth it.


This was season 3 in a series I already loved. This season was very different from the first two, but not in a bad way. If you have not watched the first seasons of Westworld yet, I highly suggest that you do. It’s SO good.

The Best Movies and Series I have watched in 2020

His Dark Materials

I knew about this series and I knew that it was an adaptation of “The Golden Compass”, but I had not seen it yet. Until recently, when I finished watching season 1. The whole aesthetic and feel to this series appeals to me greatly and I love where the story is going.

The umbrella Academy

I had not watched past the first episode of season 1, until someone recommended it to me – and then some more people. Now, I have finished season 1 and 2 and am absolutely a fan of this series! The first episode is just nothing like the rest of the series, in my opinion. And if it wouldn’t have been recommended to me afterwards – I would probably have never finished it. That would have been a shame, so here’s my recommendation to you! It’s COOL, go watch it. Reasons: Five & Klaus. 😉

Snow Piercer

This series is a post-apocalyptic kind of series with a brutal touch. The trailer speaks for itself, in my opinion. But I think a vast majority of people will like this series!

The Best Movies and Series I have watched in 2020

Frozen 2; Making of “Into the Unknown”

This series on Disney+ has a special place in my heart. It’s literally the behind the scenes of the production of Frozen 2; Into the Unknown. If you’re interested in Disney as a company and how the behind the scenes of an animation production works, this is JUST the thing! It’s so special to me; from the music production to the voice actors, storyboards and animations.

Emily in Paris

A type of serie I have not really come across since the end of Gossip Girl. It was such a chicklit movie that just warmed my heart all over. I love Paris, I love Lily Collins and I love Romance. This has it ALL. And Drama, it also has Drama ;).


I finished watching this series just a couple of days ago, as it was released on the 25th of December. And this was one of the best things I have watched in the year. It was everything I wanted it to be; a costume drama, but with the fun and incredible romances. BUT it’s different from other costume/historical movies and series, because this one has a lot of nudity, sex and the best of all; diversity. Loved it to pieces and I can’t wait for season 2.


Some of the best rereads include; Avatar the Last Airbender, The Witcher, Little Women, Eat Pray Love, Harry Potter & Gilmore girls.
Avatar was a sort of reread, because I had seen the majority of this series as a kid. And I watch Eat Pray Love multiple times a year, because I love it so much! Plus, I can’t wait for season 2 of the Witcher.

Honorable mentions

Then, lastly, there are some honorable mentions:
First ALL the 90 days series on TLC. Honestly this series keeps me sane, and I watch ALL of the 90 days series and season. With my mom. We love it.
Then there is Dylan is in Trouble, which is a YouTube account. This made me laugh the most of everything I watched and I have now seen all of his movie/series commentaries.
Then we have ‘Never have I ever’, ‘Warrior nun’, ‘Selling sunset’ & ‘New York housewives’ (all the housewives really). These were some Netflix series I have watched in 2020 and really enjoyed.

Those were the Best movies and series I have watched in 2020. What were your favorite movies and series of 2020?

Lots of Love,

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