Bookcon 2019 | Holly Black, Cassandra Clare, Marie Lu, Marissa Meyer & Victoria Aveyard

Bookcon 2019

Bookcon 2019 Day 2

Yay! The last day of Bookcon 2019 was also packed with many amazing things, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

I had made a full schedule before going to Bookcon (for both days), and I must say that most of it went according to plan! But, for the second day I had planned two panels in the morning. We knew that there were in-booth signings for both Holly Black & Cassandra Clare in the morning – but remembering how it went with the Leigh Bardugo one, we wanted to sit that one out and have a more relaxing morning.

BUT, we did want to look at the mess it supposedly was. We went to look, and… nothing, it was just a neat, straight line. And I noticed that they were still passing out post-it’s with numbers on it for both Holly & Cassandra. So, we wanted to give it a chance and maybe we’d get one – maybe not. I was looking forward to the panels, but I was like ‘I’m in New York now, and I would much rather meet more authors than go to a panel.’ Especially coming from the Netherlands, it’s just really special to meet these authors in person.

Holly Black

And so it happened. I met Holly Black first, which was super cool, because I love The Cruel Prince & The Wicked King! When people ask me to recommend a book to them, I almost always say “The Cruel Prince by Holly Black!!”, the world building is just so amazing – something I aspire to whilst writing my own books.

Holly Black Bookcon 2019
Holly Black Bookcon

We didn’t get wristbands for the in-booth signings, but we got notebooks that they autographed. This notebook has a quote on it from The Wicked King and it’s gorgeous.

Holly Black autograph

Cassandra Clare

Also known as Cassie Clare. Cassie is somewhat of a legend in my opinion. I feel like everyone who’s into Young Adult, has read at least ONE of her books. I’ve read all of the books in the Shadowhunter-series (except for the last one, Queen of Air & Darkness), and I love them! It was so cool to meet her, even more so because I really hadn’t expected to get another chance to meet her during Bookcon!

Cassandra Clare Bookcon 2019
Cassandra clare Bookcon

I also won a sampler/sneak peek of her new book. Which was signed as well – YAY!!

Cassandra Clare autograph
Autographed tote bag

Marie Lu

Marie Lu was one of the most important authors to meet during Bookcon, for me. She has played a MAJOR part in my reading journey, and she’s one of the authors that started my love for it. I hold the Legend trilogy very close to my heart, and so I can’t wait to read the new – and last book in this series, Rebel. She was also super kind and I absolutely loved meeting her!

Marie Lu Bookcon 2019
Marie Lu Bookcon

I was mentioned in a couple of Instagram stories of the authors. You can see them on my own instagram page, here.

Marie Lu Bookcon
Marie Lu autograph

Marissa Meyer

I read Cinder and Scarlet a really long time ago… It was when I didn’t yet bought my books, but went to the library to loan them. I loved them from the get go, and the rest of the series gets even better! And now, her second series Renegades is so freaking amazing as well. We even got a sampler for the third book in the renegades series, Supernova! I can’t wait to read it!!

Marissa Meyer Bookcon 2019
Marissa Meyer Bookcon
Marissa Meyer autograph

Victoria Aveyard

Victoria Aveyard was the very last author I met at Bookcon, and she was incredibly kind. I feel like I say that about every author, but she really was. She was already signing for a long time when I got around (I came straight from Marissa’s signing), but she took a moment with every single one of us. She’s amazing from the inside and out (I mean, look at her??).

Victoria Aveyard Bookcon 2019
Victoria Aveyard Bookcon
War storm and Broken Throne
Victoria Aveyard autograph
Victoria Aveyard Bookcon goodie

More Books

I also got Zenith from the Strand, because I couldn’t make it to Sasha’s book signing in time. And I bought the Barnes & Noble exclusive of Finale by Stephanie Garber. We don’t have a B&N in Europe, so yeah.

I also got Furyborn, because I heard a LOT of amazing things about it. And lastly, I got Catwomen by Sarah, because somehow I didn’t have that one yet? Hahaha.

The strand
Zenith autographed
Finale and Furyborn
Sarah J. Maas catwomen
Throne of glass litjoycrate cards
Throne of glass goodies

ALSO. At the Bloomsbury booth they had a lot of leftovers from the Throne of Glass series – and we could grab them. For FREE?! I felt like a 10-year-old then, and it was amazing.

Throne of glass enamel pin

That concludes my Bookcon 2019 trip. I loved it and I can honestly say that theses days were a couple of the best days of my life!

Lots of Love,


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